Denver - Bourbon and Bacon Fest | The Arvada Tavern
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The Arvada Tavern

The legacy of the Arvada Tavern starts with the end of prohibition. Even before the 18th amendment of 1920, Arvada had always restricted the sale of alcohol under tight laws. With Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of the Cullen-Harrison Act allowing the sale of beer and wine nationally, a new era had started in the United States. On April 7th 1933, the town of Arvada issued their first Tavern license to Adrian Kline of the Arvada Tavern, allowing for the first time in history the legal sale of alcohol to the public in the town limits of Arvada. For the people of Arvada this was a day of liberation. 

The Arvada Tavern focuses on keeping that same liberating feeling alive with our great service while maintaining our vintage yet vibrant atmosphere. We feature 10 select Colorado fresh brewed draught beers while offering a list of properly built traditional cocktails that pair well to our chef produced local classic dishes. 

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